I strive to create a body of work that deals with the tri-part relationship of race, power, and language, which will manage to remain outside the traditional parameter of ‘I as the other’. As I become increasingly aware of the implicit duplicity of these attempts, I enter into a space where it is not enough to view oneself as being on one side of a binary discussion. These issues are not easily separated into poles. There are too many points of crossing, which results in people being caught in the margins of definitive categorisation. In spite of the perplexity born of displacement, I feel a gradual pull towards taking clear and concise positions, insofar as imposed marginality can be clear and concise.

I present a world from a point of view that will allow more than myself to appreciate what it means to feel what I feel. For in that moment of abeyance, I intend that the viewers find more of themselves in the ‘other’ to themselves. This is plenty to ask an artefact of culture, but this is what remains to carry the unarticulated desires of a disparate multitude. Whether desired/desirable or not, I am defined by the practices/languages/forms of art.

The traditions and language of art have provided a starting point to launch into technological possibilities of articulating difference. To this end, work takes many guises, from work that exists on the Internet, works that travel to generate experiences in discrete spaces, to installations of work in gallery spaces.

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©Raimi Gbadamosi