SHRINE (Market Gallery, Glasgow)

Shrine, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti’s club, was re/created to provide a place where Fela can be met. Consequently the gallery became an independent state for the duration of the project; linking together The Republic ( and Kalakuta Empire.

Fela’s music was played for the duration of the project, his activities discussed, and new ideas proposed. The gallery was open to the public, where they could sit and take drinks. A small area was be set aside for dancing or movement as it suits the visitors/participants.

Writings, sound recordings, and a range of visual material was produced over the period. The project  put both the notion of ‘gallery’ and ‘nation’ under scrutiny. The project brought about an awareness of practice beyond the simply self-referential; participation alters the public’s involvement in their own political and social existence.