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I was going to separate curated projects from everything else, then changed my mind, but decided to leave them in their own category. I realised I curate as part of my practice as an artist. There is much politics involved in the rationalisation and display of art that excites me. To this end I simply curate as an extension of thinking about art, there is no internal or external separation. Of course there are considerations I need to address when I curate that are different to me making work on my own; the least not being having to deal with the creative and conceptual concerns of other artists.

Here is a list of some of them (no pictures though), the professional schizophrenia of being an artist does get in the way sometimes.

Sep 2006        Reclassified Disembodiment, London

Mar 2006       Cordial, Georges House, Folkestone

Jan 2006         Mixed Belongings, Nottingham

Nov 2005       When In Rome V, Third Floor Arts Centre, Portsmouth

Sep 2005         Mixed Belongings, Midlands

Sep 2005         When In Rome IV mac, Birmingham

Jul 2005           Mixed Belongings, Crafts Council London

Oct 2004         When In Rome III Castlefield Gallery, Manchester

Nov 2002 -

May 2004       Middle England Series Spacex, Exeter

Apr 2004        When In Rome II Habitat, Exeter

Oct 2003         When In Rome Lewisham Art House, London