Raimi Gbadamosi is an artist, writer and curator. He received his Doctorate in Fine Art from the Slade School of Fine Art. He is a member of the Interdisciplinary Research Group 'Afroeuropeans', University of Leon, Spain, and the 'Black Body' group, Goldsmiths College, London. He is on the Editorial board of Third Text.

Recent national and international shows and events include: Exchange Mechanism, Belfast Exposed, Belfast, 2010; ARCO Madrid 2009; Tentativa De Agotar Un Lugar Africano, CASM, Barcelona 2008; Human Cargo, Plymouth Museum & Art Gallery, Plymouth 2007; Port City, Arnolfini, Bristol 2007. ARCO 2009, Madrid/. Work media including multiples, music, websites, writing and audience participation. Works creates debate, instead of representing preconceived concerns defined by specific social, cultural and political cant.

Books include: incredulous; ordinary people; extraordinary people; contents; Drink Horizontal; Drink Vertical; The Dreamers' Perambulator; and four word.

Gbadamosi is an ambassador of The Republic (http://www.the-republic.net) which negotiates the meeting of language and social constructions. Citizenship is available on visiting the website.

Recent essays include: The Not-So New Europeans, Wasafiri UK (current issue), and The Delight of Giant-Slayers: Or Can Artists Commit Their Lives to Paper? ArtMonitor , Sweeden